At CrossFit Press On we pride ourselves in our community. Our identity is rooted in the ideal of working towards helping others become the best version of themselves. As coaches we love to see the transformation that occurs when our clients truly see what they are capable of. To see someone walk through our doors seeing only their weaknesses and be able to show them strengths they never knew they possessed is the greatest privilege. The task of “getting in shape” is generally seen as a daunting task that we all face every time a new year rolls around.  There is nothing that pushes you more than that mid-workout moment when you just want to quit and you look up to see your friend flash you that “you’ve got this” look as they push through a rep. This is where our community truly sets us apart.


A healthier, stronger version of me!

I love my CFPO family, the coaches are very knowledgeable and passionate about the sport, I love that I can reach them with questions and concerns and get an answer even after hours, they have become friends. I appreciate their encouragement and support and I thank them for guiding and being part of a healthier, stronger version of me!

I would tell someone thinking of joining CFPO to prepare themselves become addicted, It's honesty the best decision one can make, to invest in your health, strength and of course a more tone and sexier body (wait a few months and look at your butt in the mirror ☺), after a WOD you would leave feeling like total bad ass, and even with the soreness that comes from the WOD you'll find yourself exited for the next day WOD. You will meet fun and real people that will encourage you and guide you every step of the way.

- Yadi


CFPO empowers and gives added confidence

The energy and enthusiasm at CFPO is amazing - starts with the coaches and trickles down to everyone who shows up for each WOD.  There is so much support and encouragement you can't help but want to go back for more!  

I love that it empowers and gives added confidence to my two daughters. And the strong family structure and support from the coaches to the clients.

You don't have to be great at everything, just seeing small changes and improvements day by day is most satisfaction I have hadexercising in a long time.

If you are interested, just do it- try it and you will love it! It's such an amazing group of people who come to support each other in our fitness goals… day after day!

- The Foreman's


All workouts can be modified for beginners

CFPO has such an amazing community of members and coaches.  Everyone is so welcoming and we have so much fun before, during, and after classes.  The workouts are so different each day so I never get bored.  The coaches take the time to work with each member to make sure all movements are done correctly and safely.  They will also spend extra time before and after class to help work on movements that may need improvement.  The smaller class sizes allow the coaches to spend more time with each member also.  I started at CFPO with no weightlifting experience so having such supportive coaches has been very beneficial.  I am doing things that I would have never imagined prior to joining CFPO!

I love that CFPO has a kids room so it allows me to bring my 2 daughters (ages 5 & 8) to the gym without having to worry about childcare.  My girls have so much fun at the gym as well and ask everyday if we are going to the gym. They love it so much that they get upset when its time to leave. They cannot wait until they are old enough to attend classes themselves.

Anyone considering to join CFPO should just try a class and they will wonder why they didn’t start sooner. Classes are filled with such a wide variety of different ages, sizes, abilities and strengths, and all workouts can be modified for beginners, so there is no need to think you are not strong or fit enough to lift weights or do the workouts. The coaches and other members are all so great and really make you feel welcome

- Alison


Truly for all ages, body types and athletic abilities

The biggest draw for me was the kids room, that the gym is family friendly. I'm able to attend as many as 5 classes per week because I can bring my kids. I don't have to work in CrossFit late in the evening when my husband can watch them (and I have no energy,) or hire babysitters just to go to the gym. And even more meaningful is that the kids are a part of the community. Sometimes my daughter hangs out in the play room, sometimes she's my cheerleader.

CrossFit is not what you think! It's truly for all ages, body types and athletic abilities. Don't be intimidated, just give it a try. And every CrossFitter I've ever met, whether a triathlete or someone just starting out, has been kind, supportive and encouraging. No judgement. Especially at CFPO.

- Ariana